3 Berichte aus dem     STREETFASHION MAGAZZINE

bodywork with Tina
The story began half a year ago. Photographer Carsten Schmidthaus of IMAGO CS made a photo of Tina in the P-Weg Marathon. Exactly this photo she has chosen for her Facebook profile [mehr]

It was late in the afternoon, when photographer Carsten Schmidthaus met with models Clarissa and Jasmin for a photo shooting. "Shall we really drive to the agreed location? It looks very much as if a thunderstorm would come up" said Clarissa [mehr]

It was afternoon ... 4 pm ... photographer Carsten Schmidthaus of IMAGO-CS wanted to pick up his car from the workshop. While he was waiting, a car transporter with an old Mercedes drove up.

Ferat Avci, the owner of the workshop, explained, that this is a Daimler DB219 build in 1958. [mehr]

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